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Herrick Bank offers two consolidation products in its offer dedicated to individual clients. A consolidation loan secured by a mortgage and a consolidation loan without additional collateral. However, here we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the loan proposed by the bank.

Find great payday debt consolidation companies

As part of the payday loan consolidation offered by us, you can consolidate all your payday loans. In this case, the bank sets a minimum amount for which you can make a commitment, or PLN 20,000. The maximum value depends on which loans are included in the consolidation and so you can get:

  • up to 80 percent of the property value established as collateral if one of the obligations is a housing loan
  • up to 70 percent of the property value established as collateral, if all liabilities are consumer loans or loans

The loan can be drawn for a period of 3 to 30 years, repay it in fixed or decreasing installments, and receive it in tranches or once.

The interest on the consolidation loan is 5.67% and the RRSO ratio is 14.69%.

Advantages of the loan

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of this consolidation loan is the ability to obtain a 24-month grace period for postponing principal repayment. This is a particularly useful solution in unexpected situations. Herrick Bank also allows for early repayment of the loan without additional fees, but only if the early repayment follows a four-year loan period and when during the first four years the total amount of overpayments does not exceed 30% of the granted loan amount.

Credit defects

The weaknesses of the offer proposed by Herrick Bank are primarily high property valuation costs and mandatory insurance. Additionally, it is necessary to visit a branch of the bank in order to obtain a loan, but it is not possible to submit an application via the Internet. Online can only be asked to contact a bank’s adviser.

Self-employed Loan

The step into self-employment requires not only courage and perseverance, but often also a financing. This is a serious hurdle for some. For self-employed people need financing for purchases such as office equipment or for the right marketing concept for a website, especially at the beginning of their self-employment. Many founders, traders and small businesses also fail. The reason for this is not the bad business idea or the poor implementation, but the lack of liquidity. Because complicity in such a misery also contributes to a sometimes poor payment behavior of customers who do not pay their bills or very late.

A self-employed loan is usually more expensive

A self-employed loan is usually more expensive

Investing and maintaining a business, a company or a self-employment cost money and in most cases require funding. Banks are now extremely restrictive in granting loans for the self-employed and have high requirements for a license. The background to the frequency of this reluctance by banks is partly due to the risk of default and the threat of credit, which is initially difficult to service and then later serviceable. The payments are pending and the bank only has the reminder of the dunning and enforcement order or even the lawsuit for payment. As a result, many banks already shy away from credit checks for self-employed and start-ups on their own, because the outlay is significantly higher than when lending to the end user. Just reading and understanding a business plan or the balance sheet (profit and loss account) is a high cost for the bank, which prefers lending with the least possible effort.

Self-employed know the problem only too well: They need a loan for self-employed with immediate payment, go to their branch bank and are first patterned critically. The self-employed are particularly hard-hit because of their changing income and the risk of bankruptcy, and usually get even worse credit conditions than a salaried employee. They usually pay the higher interest rates. But: Who wants to apply for a loan for self-employed, as well as the currently low interest rates as the end user. On the Internet, a comparison can be made of a large number of direct banks, which have low interest rates for the loan for freelancers, for the loan for entrepreneurs, for the corporate loan and also for the business loan with rapid allocation in the portfolio.

Self-employed loans – there are always alternatives

Self-employed loans - there are always alternatives

Anyone who has trouble getting a loan approved as an entrepreneur regardless of their creditworthiness can fall back on alternative solutions and providers in the credit market. A great help is the loan for self-employed comparison, with which many providers can be found with favorable conditions.
A loan for the self-employed is not only about the private credit rating, but also to ensure the repayment of the borrowed amount. Those who can convince them that they are successful within a certain period of time, get a desired loan for entrepreneurs. As a founder, there is the possibility to apply for a promotional loan from KfW Bank or a start-up loan


  • Collateral – Due to the non-regular income, banking institutions often rate the self-employed as an insecure contract partner.
    To increase the prospect of a loan, you can offer the lender additional security: this can be, for example, a property or a life insurance.
  • Second borrower – The option for a self-employed loan would also strengthen an additional borrower. Because in this case, the income of both borrowers in a pot, which increases the income. This makes repayment more likely and less risky for the bank. The second borrower should therefore be able to prove a fixed income as well as a positive private credit.

Self-employed loans – step by step

Self-employed loans - step by step

If there is a financial shortage of self-employed people and you need to invest in new machinery or production facilities, or if you need to buy new computers, then the funds you need should be available as quickly as possible from the bank. Best with a quick loan. The application for such a loan for self-employed online via the Internet, different and faster than any branch bank. For decision making, the results can be used from a credit comparison. The offers can be compared easily and quickly. Once you have decided on a provider, the process of applying for credit begins.

For this application, it is first necessary to determine what the actual loan requirement is so that the exact amount of money for the self-employed loan can be determined. Above all, it is important that one knows the exact need for credit and can weigh whether one still spends additional equity. The calculation of the terms and the term are also important to find out if you can actually serve the loan for self-employed with the repayment. If the income could fluctuate in the future, then a longer term would make sense. It should also be considered whether the offers with special repayments come into question. Because if higher sales and profits are expected, then you can reduce interest charges and monthly rate. A special repayment or special payment means a complete or partial settlement of the residual debt.

The loan application itself is provided with the indication of the personal data and the indication whether a second borrower still participates in the contract. That would improve the chances of granting and the conditions. Finally, information on the income situation must be made and the last BWA’s (economic evaluations) and income tax assessments ready. After that, the process of applying for a self-employed loan can begin.

Even if the liquidity problem can be solved in a few weeks or months, the loan application should be made. Depending on the bank, it may take several days to process an individual loan offer. In addition, every consumer has the statutory right of withdrawal (within 14 days after the signature) and can withdraw without giving reasons.

A self-employed loan should be flexible

A self-employed loan should be flexible

Extremely important for the self-employed is a loan offer that includes flexibility. The monthly rate and the initial repayment should be as low as possible, so that a freelancer, self-employed person or entrepreneur can still service the rate at the end of the month, even in unfavorable business development. Conversely, there should be the opportunity to make special repayments in good business hours. The prerequisite for this is that these special payments in the agreement are included in the credit agreement and that no fees are charged. For many providers, borrowers can pay up to five (sometimes even ten) percent of the loan amount a year at no extra cost. Depending on the situation, some banks even offer the option of changing rates for self-employed loans.

Loan for self-employed individuals

Loan for self-employed individuals

If, despite taking into account the above mentioned advice with the loan for self-employed should not work, so there is also the possibility to borrow money through a private person. In a credit comparison, there are also providers for so-called P2P loans, which are provided by private individuals.

In general, private lenders are more willing to invest in low credit ratings than banking institutions, even if the income is generated through self-employment. Private investors often provide private individuals with financial means to support, for example, interesting self-employment projects. This is interesting for all those who are currently working on an exciting project. The indication increases the chances of a loan being granted by a private person.

Individuals invest in a money lending with very individual and different conditions. As a result, P2P (peer-to-peer) credit may incur less fees than a traditional bank loan.

Conditions for a loan for self-employed

Conditions for a loan for self-employed

Banks and savings banks grant loans only after intensive examination. That is why the framework in which the banks and the savings banks are involved is quite narrow. It leaves no room for deviations from the requirements for lending. Nevertheless, the conditions and basic rules for an instant loan or microcredit are always the same: The borrower must be of legal age, should not have a negative private credit entry and a permanent residence in Germany. This applies to both workers and employees alike.

Loan With Immediate Commitment – The Best Providers In Comparison


Consumers who want to apply for credit online at a direct bank value a quick instant loan. There are situations where you do not want to wait long for the money. Anyone looking around the internet for a loan with immediate approval, will also get corresponding offers. An instant confirmation does not mean at the same time that the money is also transferred immediately. Therefore, a distinction must be made between an instant loan and an express loan with lightning transfer. There are other differences that should be considered. Especially in the credit sector there are big differences between the banks.

How does an instant loan work?

How does an instant loan work?

Through comparison calculator you will find the right bank to finance your wishes. Free and without obligation, you can compare the offers of the financial institutions in this way. The differences are not only noticeable in interest rates, but also in fees. For example, many banks offer free special repayments, or once a year the borrower may suspend them at a rate. These differences can be found only by direct comparison. For most banks you even get a provisional immediate commitment.

The process is simple. When you apply for a loan online, the bank immediately checks whether you, as a customer, are eligible for a loan. The private credit query takes place in the background. If there are no complaints, you will immediately receive a loan offer or a provisional commitment. Of course, the bank has to check all relevant documents before it comes to the payment of the loan amount.

What documents must be submitted to the bank?

What documents must be submitted to the bank?

The required documents primarily include proof of income. Here, the bank checks to see if you earn less than what you indicated in your credit application. If so, the loan is immediately rejected. In addition, the bank can determine if your employer already has garnishments from your income. These are also in the income proof.

But that’s not all. After the bank has received the documents, in whatever way, it creates a household calculation. Your income and expenses are compared. This will determine whether, after deduction of all current monthly costs such as rent and electricity, you still have enough money left over for a loan. If so, then you get the firm commitment and the money is instructed. This process can take up to five days, sometimes longer.

In this example, you can clearly see that it can take a while to pay off the loan amount for an instant loan. If you want an immediate withdrawal, possibly the same day, then you should choose an express loan.

Difference Express Credit and Credit with Immediate Promise

Difference Express Credit and Credit with Immediate Promise

With an express loan, the processing is faster. If you also choose lightning transfer, you can count on the money within 24 hours. Not every financial service provider offers a loan with lightning transfer. About the comparison calculator but you will also find. Lightning transfers are in most cases associated with additional fees, as the banks pay well for this service. For such a loan you need the technical prerequisites, PC or laptop provided. A printer is required to print out the loan application. You also need a stable internet connection and a webcam. Last service to be able to identify with the bank. Many banks already use the videoident procedure. In this way, the borrower can identify himself directly in front of the PC. An employee of the financial service provider checks the data on the loan application with the ID card that the customer has to hold in front of the camera. In this way, a faster processing of the loan application. A payment on the same day is thus only possible. With the annoying PostIdent there are no chances for an immediate payment of the loan amount. Here, the post office employee examines the data, enters it in a specially designed form and then sends it to the bank.

Credit from abroad with instant confirmation

Credit from abroad with instant confirmation

If you have a negative private credit, you will not get a loan from any German bank. Only foreign banks could be lucky. private credit is not interested in this. But you need a regular income from a dependent job. Your permanent residence must be in Germany. The maximum loan amount is limited to 7,500 euros for a foreign loan. You can apply online. You will also receive an instant confirmation, but it may take up to seven days to pay out the loan amount.

Mini credit

Mini credit

If you have a loan amount of 600 euros, then you should use the offers of the mini loan providers. A payment of the loan amount takes place immediately after you have submitted all documents online. The providers set deadlines for this. As a rule, the documents must be submitted by 1 pm so that the money arrives on your account by a fee-based flash transfer on the same day.


Do not confuse an instant loan with a loan with instant bank transfer. An instant commitment simply means that the likelihood of a loan commitment is high. The payment of the loan amount will only take place after a detailed check of your submitted documents.

Fast loans without guarantees – The loan for me

Can a person without a guarantee get a quick loan? This is one of the most common questions among those looking for a fairly urgent amount of money. In fact, as we know, banks and financial institutions tend not to grant loans to people who know they have no guarantee available.

So how do you get a loan when you have an urgent need for money, but no collateral is available?

First of all, mind you that if you don’t have a paycheck or a pension as a guarantee, you could still claim a fixed income every month from the bank, as could for example be the maintenance check or the payment of a rent. Secondly, if you do not even have one of these types of collateral available to you and if you do not have assets to pledge or guarantors who are willing to sign for you, then you can always resort to particular types of Quick Loans without collateral.

Types of loans without guarantees

  • Some types of unsecured loans are those between private individuals. Online you can also find offers of loans between private parties even without collateral: however, always pay attention that it is not a scam and evaluate well what are the interest rates that are affixed, before accepting.
  • Another loan without guarantees, which however is finalized, is the loan of honor. Generally it is a loan that is granted by the State or by the EU to a small-medium enterprise according to the dictates of a specific announcement. It may be useful for an entrepreneur in financial difficulties who falls within the scope of the call for tenders: in this case it may be a loan, for which 60% of the sum is not required to be returned and the remaining 40% will be returned by from time to time according to subsidized repayment plans. Obviously this loan is only granted to people who follow the notice and have all the necessary requirements and is bound to a certain purpose.
  • Loans are the last resort for those looking for fast loans without collateral. The possibility is to ask for up to 20 thousand euros. The duration of the loan varies from 6 to 60 months, just a signature, without having guarantors and guarantees of any kind. Pay attention: the bill is an enforceable title and therefore the bank can act against you without the need for an injunction in the event of default.

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Fast loans

Nowadays the tendency to resort to fast money loans is increasingly widespread, both to meet unexpected expenses and to make ends meet and for many other reasons. It must be borne in mind that the companies authorized to perform this service are credit and financial institutions, specifically registered in a list maintained and controlled by the Bank of Italy.

It is often more convenient to turn to credit institutions than to financial institutions, for the simple fact that the banks, in fact, already have the supply of money to lend, but the financial institutions do not, since they normally carry out their provisions at the banks.

What are fast loans

What are fast loans

This mechanism, due to an extra transfer made by the financial companies, actually has a higher cost than the financing, which affects the consumer. However, it must also be said that this is not always the case, that is sometimes the loan of a financial can be more convenient. So it is a good idea to ask several Institutes for information before signing a financing contract to be sure of choosing the Institute that offers us the most advantageous conditions.

Types of financing

The types of financing, so-called “very fast loans ” are manifold and depend on various factors, which also characterize the cost of the financing itself. For example, they can be personal loans, based essentially on our economic and income characteristics, or loans with specific guarantees that safeguard the Financing Institute in the event that we are no longer able to repay the loan received. Clearly there are other and multiple situations of need, which consequently characterize the type of loan most suited to our real circumstances. Therefore it is desirable to reduce the risks to the maximum, to speak clearly with the Institute to which we refer, so that it can identify the fastest loan most suited to our needs.

If we have other loans in progress or we have specific situations such as that of not having previously repaid loans, or non-ascertainable income, then we must know that perhaps we will probably not be eligible for financing, but that it is better to inform the Institute to which we address, so we give an image of responsibility, which is always welcome to the Lenders, and also the Institute itself could have specific products that are well suited to our needs.

Economic requirements to obtain very fast financing

Economic requirements to obtain very fast financing

It is clear that the economic requirements for obtaining fast loans depend on the characteristics of the loan requested, but in general the basic requirements are the following:

  • in most cases, an age between eighteen and seventy years (some banks and financial institutions have an offer even for older people),
  • a certain and large income for the amount of the installment that will be the basis of our loan,
  • residence in the Italian territory,
  • be a bank account holder.

The Institute will evaluate the requests for fast loans based on its own risk policies and on the basis of the applicant’s general information, ie those provided by him and demonstrable and those detectable by the detection system, which manages the information at national level, both through the Bank of Italy and through other private companies. This way of analyzing information, preliminary to the release of a loan, is called assessing the “creditworthiness” of an applicant. So if there are the prerequisites for the Financing Institute, ie if the latter has positively assessed the creditworthiness of the applicant, then a fast loan will be granted.

One last thing to know that is not at all irrelevant, is to know and understand the conditions that are proposed to us, which we must carefully examine before signing a contract. In other words, we need to understand how much funding will cost us, which we can evaluate using two parameters that are defined as “TAN” and “APR”, which are the net annual rate and the overall annual effective rate, respectively. Since these are money cost indices, it is clear that the lower they are, the better for us.

So once we have received several quotes, it will be enough to first evaluate these two parameters, which will allow us to understand the fastest loan that will cost us less over time, so the one that will affect our pockets less. The last thing to consider well, instead, is to know the fixed costs that are required of us for the practice of our fast loans, which also in this case will have to be as low as possible and which will be examined by us in comparison with that of all estimates received.

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Advantages and Opinion of Ferratum loans in 2019


Ferratum Group is a loan provider that operates internationally in various countries in Europe and America. Thanks to an innovative financial technology, this financial institution is a pioneer in online loans in more than 20 countries. The objective of this service is to provide an innovative financial solution capable of helping clients to specify different projects easily and quickly. What is Ferratum? It is a group that strives to provide the best financing service through a simple interface using simple and fast procedures so that any type of client can access them safely.

About online loans

Personal bank loans usually take months to be approved and require a lot of time and documentation since you will have to physically introduce yourself several times to access your loan. The online loans were born to avoid this type of cumbersome process and for you to easily and quickly access the money you need to travel, study, make reforms or pay debts and fines. That is why, if you need money urgently, Ferratum offers you the possibility of controlling your financial life by accessing a flexible and secure loan with clear conditions quickly.

Ferratum loans

While there are different loan offers instantly, Ferratum loans are the most sought after because of their clear conditions and the flexibility to choose the amount of the installments. The advantages of your Ferratum credit are clear: you can get money on the spot, it does not require guarantees or guarantees, the interests are fixed, you can choose the conditions, the whole process is 100% online, you can request it any day of the week at any time , the requirements are minimal and you will have the money you need in your account in less than 10 minutes. If you need money urgently, it is the safest and most practical way to apply for your loan.

How does it work

Ferratum is reliable, and you can calculate the costs without commitment in a safe and clear way as many times as you want. To analyze the different loan situations and choose an amount, term and quota that suits your needs, you should only use the virtual loan simulator. You can use it and change the options as many times as you think necessary and does not imply any type of commitment. New customers may request a maximum of 2,500 pesos and choose a return period of up to 45 days. If you are a recurring customer, the maximum amount to request will be 4500.


ferratum 3

Interest varies since it depends on the amount and term chosen. By using the virtual credit simulator, you will see transparently every important detail such as commissions, interest, fees and total value to be paid. For example, if you want to request 2500 pesos and return it within 30 days, below the simulator you will see that the commission for that request will be 925 pesos, that the maximum CAT is 2803% and that the total amount to be paid will be 3425 pesos. The loans are credited to your account from Monday to Friday during banking hours. If you apply for a loan on a Saturday, it may take 48 hours to get accredited.


If you want to apply for your Ferratum loan and access the lowest interest rates in the market, you must meet the requirements detailed below:

  • Be over 21 years old
  • Be a Mexican resident
  • Have a healthy credit history
  • Have identification IFE, INE
  • Be a bank account holder
  • Be the holder of a cell phone number
  • Have a photo or PSF of your bank account statement

How to apply for the loan

ferratum 2 Requesting and receiving your loan will take less than 10 minutes, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter and choose the term and amount of the loan
  2. Once satisfied, click on Request My Loan
  3. Complete the form with your personal work and banking information
  4. Your data will be verified instantly after your authorization through the Credit Information Societies of Mexico
  5. If everything is in order, you will receive an email confirming the approval

Note: As an identity verification process you will receive a message with your PIN to be able to access My Account from the Ferratum platform and manage your loan in an organized manner. This PIN will serve you for future loans.

Payment Methods

The simplest way to pay your loan is by deposit or transfer using the data that will be provided. You can also make electronic transfers from your bank. You must always include the Payment Reference Number of your loan. You can pay your loan in advance without commissions and you can opt for the Ferratum extension option. By loan, you will have access to three extensions that will generate an additional commission to the total amount. The extension request can be made by email or through My Account, as long as it is three days before the expiration of payment. If you do not request the extension of payment, you will incur additional charges for late payment and delinquent interest.

Opinions about Ferratum

This is one of the first companies that started offering their online loan services, and you have millions of customers around the world. In Mexico, it has a 4.5 out of 5. In general, users who request their loan with Ferratum do so again in the future and recommend the use of this platform to their acquaintances. Among the opinions, users highlight the ease of the application process, the customer service center’s customer service and the speed and clarity in which the different functions can be viewed from the account. This makes Ferratum a trustworthy company with which you can count on to access your loan safely.

ferratum 4 

Money instantly, with minimum requirements and flexible conditions, that is exactly what Ferratum offers. You can choose the amount and term of your loan and see with total transparency the commissions and interest. Access the money you need without leaving your home 100 online. Do not think twice and apply for your Ferratum loans now, it is the most practical way to organize your finances without postponing your plans.


Eco Loan as a Cheap Loan


Banks provide their loan offers with different names, which are used primarily for advertising, but also provide information about the type of loan offered and the projects to be financed. A fairly new term that can be found in many publications and advertisements is eco-credit. What is meant by such?


What are eco-loans for?

What are eco-loans for?

Eco-credit is the catchy abbreviation for an ecological loan . By its nature, ecology does not refer to lending, but to the object to be financed. Depending on the bank, eco-credit can be used to finance motor vehicles with particularly low fuel consumption or special vehicles such as cars with a hybrid engine or an electric drive.

When building a house or when renovating a house, the eco loan is particularly suitable for the installation of a solar system or for the installation of a heat pump. In addition, some banks grant eco-loans for the improvement of thermal insulation.

The exact projects that support them with discounted eco-loans are taken by commercial banks themselves, while KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) supports measures that are subsidized by the legislator.


What advantages do eco-loans offer?

What advantages do eco-loans offer?

The most striking advantage of eco-loans is their noticeably improved interest rates compared to non-discounted loans. In many cases, banks also allow their borrowers to prematurely redeem part of the green loan without charging early repayment penalties.

Furthermore, many financial institutions refrain from securing a land register in an eco-loan for a constructional measure, thereby saving the landowner costs and maintaining simplified access to further loans.

For some measures, such as the construction of a solar power system, the feed-in tariffs guaranteed by the Renewable Energy Act, which the plant achieves after commissioning, can be used as collateral, increasing the borrower’s credit rating and further reducing the interest payable.


Also compare other offers before borrowing

Also compare other offers before borrowing

In many cases, eco-credit is the cheapest financing option. However, real estate owners and builders should review different offers.

In particular, financing by means of a rents-based building savings contract, but also offers from regional banks can be just as favorable as a special eco-loan in individual cases, especially since these also make their interest rates dependent on the ecological effectiveness of a planned measure.